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Planning a Meaningful Funeral During Social Distancing

Getting Facts & Feelings Right

Everyone needs to feel included and involved in order for an event to be meaningful. Funerals hold such special meaning for family, friends and all who knew the departed that when it comes to planning a funeral, from writing the obituary to saying the final goodbye, getting both the facts and the feelings right is important. Everyone wants to be acknowledged, and everyone's feelings are important.

Social distancing has changed many things about our world. One thing it hasn't changed, though, is that loved ones will pass away and we will feel grief from these losses.

When a loved one passes away, funeral services are an important part of the grieving process. They allow us to mourn our loss publicly.

It can seem like having a funeral service during these times is too difficult, which can lead families to put off having a funeral service entirely.

With so many changes and uncertainties, the ritual of a funeral service can be a source of great comfort. In fact, it may be more important than ever to have a funeral service as it allows us to feel a sense of closure and control in what is otherwise a time when we likely feel very out of control. Even if you decide on cremation, you can still have a funeral service for your loved one.

There will be some differences to funeral services during this time ... but planning a meaningful funeral is still as much a matter of attention to people as attention to detail, and those events that are long-remembered manage to find just the right balance of both, often made easier with the assistance of an experienced, compassionate professional.

A meaningful funeral can be planned months in advance ... you can start planning now.

We simply want to help by starting the conversation.

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