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What happens to someone's social media profiles when they die?

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Millions of people are active on social media sharing their life experiences, ideas and hopes and dreams every day. Facebook is extremely popular but other social media platforms have many millions of daily users too. Many people, including perhaps your loved one, have multiple Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media accounts. If your loved one has been active during their lifetime, even if not in the months or even years before their death, those accounts may contain large amounts of personal information.

Our FREE guide covers: Social Media Etiquette, Memorializing Your Loved One's Facebook Account, What Is A "Legacy Contact" For Facebook, Memorializing Your Loved One's Instagram Account and If Your Decision Is to Delete (a how-to for major social media apps).

If, after reviewing all this information, the process seems like a bit more than you want to handle by yourself, your funeral director has long experience in helping families with exactly this kind of decision-making. Many funeral homes have their own special online memorials as part of the funerals they offer. They can often bring over content from other social media sites to complement the online memorial that has become a traditional part of so many funerals and that many distant family and friends who can't attend have come to expect.

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