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Have you had the talk with your loved ones about there final wishes?

Why Do We Avoid Talking About Death? Certain conversations are just uncomfortable to have - and the talk about death is likely first on the list.

Tips and Planning Tools for Haveing The Talk

There are many reasons why we avoid discussions of death - especially with family members - among them:

We feel guilty asking others to do things for us. Talking about death often means talking to loved ones about how they can assist us in the event of our death. This can lead to feelings of guilt.

We fear family arguments. What if your funeral wishes or end-of-life decisions differ from the thoughts or beliefs of your family members? Many of us fear that discussing so important a topic can lead to rifts with the people we love.

We don't want to upset anyone. Talking about death can be uncomfortable for everyone - and broaching it with a close loved one can be traumatic or simply awkward.

For all of these things, though, just remember: Talking about death can be uncomfortable, but it is nothing compared to the burden of losing a loved one having never discussed these important issues. Talking about death is the only way to provide peace of mind - for yourself, and for the people you care about.


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